Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Support free Job posting sites

This page looks at the old and the new with not only posting Free Jobs ads for employers but helping job seekers tap into the hidden job market. We start with the old from which we can learn lessons to apply with the new in social media. The principles are the same, just the infrastructure is different.

A long time ago at the beginning of the internet the best places to post jobs was the Usenet newsgroups. These posting news groups were free to post jobs. They had evolved from the forerunner of the internet called Fidonet when information was carried in packets. It was all the rage then. And the good news is they are still free to post jobs, even hearsay jobs.

In addition to being a valuable resource for recruiters to post freely, they are good places for job seekers to do their job searches too. They offer great keyword search features and because it is free for recruiters then they have many jobs that are not posted anywhere else. Nevertheless these are good place not to overlook in the job search. In the spirit of free job posting sites other places evolved from them such as Yahoo mail groups and even Google groups and now Social Media.

So here is a sample listing of places to post jobs for free and for job seekers to tap into the hidden job market. Be sure to post your comments and share your review with your peers.

Google groups American Jobs Sometimes you have to spell it out to posters what jobs go where. This group is just for jobs that are in the USA. But there are other groups with other countries jobs too.

Social media giants like Facebook has many multiple places to post jobs for free. We chose some of the best ones which are moderated groups Here.

Linked In you can find some place to post on Linked In including our A1A Jobs Bank there.

Then there's there the well seasoned and faithful USENET newsgroups to post jobs like; Jobs.misc.job


Orlando Jobs

Well you get the idea, plenty more newsgroups to find jobs and even some to find resumes.

Now your turn, tell us about what places you have found to post jobs freely on the internet.